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Fire Resistant Paints & Coatings in San Jose

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Strengthen Your Property Against Flames

Coat to Prevent Combustion!

Firefree 88®; First and only coating to pass FM 4470, NFPA Wood Roof Deck. Firefree 88®; Only coating to meet full scale tests per ASTM E-119 standards on a wide range of substrates. | Explore our lightweight firefree coatings for superior fire protection without the added bulk, ensuring safety without sacrificing performance.

About Our Coatings

Firefree Coatings is a leader in fireproofing solutions. We develop affordable fire resistant coatings that slow fire, smoke, and toxic gas spread during emergencies, giving vital evacuation and property protection time. Available in San Jose, our fire resistant paints and fire retardant coatings are designed to endure extreme heat, comply with strict LEED v4 standards, and have received approvals from top organizations like ASTM and the International Accreditation Service (IAS). We proudly serve clients in San Jose and worldwide, including the Americas, Asia, Europe, Africa, and the Middle East.


Our Fire Resistant Products

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Firefree 88®

Tested to ASTM, NFPA, EN, FM, UBC, and SISIR standards, this water-based product is well-known for its fire resistant capabilities. FF88® withstands temperatures up to 2000° F for two hours. This makes FF88® an effective fire resistant coating for fire protection in San Jose. It helps by confining the fire to its initial room, minimizing smoke spread, and maintaining structural stability.

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Firefree Class A

This fire resistant coating product simplifies application for San Jose residential and commercial properties. It has low VOCs and complies with all ASTM E-84 standards, including the extended 30-minute tests. Firefree Class A acts as a noncombustible paint for wood and is suitable for various combustible materials and assemblies, such as oriented strand board (OSB), plywood, Douglas fir, wood joists and trusses, and related lumber.

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Firefree Exterior System

The Firefree Exterior System increases a building’s ability to withstand wildfires through its two components: Firefree Class A (FfA) and Firefree Exterior Topcoat (FfE). FfA provides essential fire retardant protection for San Jose structures, meeting ASTM E 84 30-Minute Extended standards with a dry application of 20 mils. FfE, crafted from top-tier acrylic paint, boosts FfA's fire resistance by protecting it against weather, moisture, and UV rays.

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Firefree Wildfire System

Meeting CBC SFM 12-7A-3 conditions, this product is the only exterior coating meeting fire and weather standards in San Jose for wildfire-prone areas. The Firefree Wildfire System follows ASTM D2898 method B for weatherization, which tests prolonged exposure to water and harmful UV radiation. This certification ensures the passive fire protection coating is perfect for exterior applications.

Our intumescent coating has earned FM 4470 Class 1 approval, highlighted in PCI Paint & Coatings Industry magazine. This shows our dedication to high-quality fire protection and safety. Trust Firefree Coatings for reliable, industry-recognized fire resistant paints and fire retardant coatings to protect your San Jose property from potential fire hazards.

Recognized Excellence: FM 4470 Class 1 Approval

Our intumescent coating has achieved FM 4470 Class 1 approval, as featured in PCI Paint & Coatings Industry magazine. This certification underscores our commitment to top-tier fire protection and safety standards. Trust Firefree Coatings for proven, industry-recognized solutions that safeguard your property.

Check Out Our Videos to Know More!

Check out our exciting and informative videos about fire protection. These videos showcase our cutting-edge fire barrier technologies and offer valuable insights into how we're transforming fire safety standards. If you're a homeowner in San Jose wanting to boost your property's fire resistance or a contractor needing advanced solutions for your projects, our videos give a detailed look at our fire retardant coating products and their applications. See how we lead the industry in fire protection technology!

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Enhance the Safety of Your Property with Our Fire Resistant Coatings!

Wildfires can be devastating, damaging homes, belongings, and affecting lives. It's crucial to have effective methods of fire protection to minimize this damage. Applying a fire resistant coating next to your San Jose home is a smart way to safeguard your property. At Firefree Coatings, we offer fully tested and LEED v4-compliant coatings that provide excellent fire protection for various projects including commercial, governmental, and residential.

Additionally, our products comply with Chapter 7A standards and are recognized for having lower VOCs, making them suitable for a variety of surfaces like wood, metal, concrete, and plastic. As members of ICC-ES, NFPA, and ASTM E-05 Committees, we ensure our fire retardant coatings meet rigorous safety standards and are available for global shipping. Check out our Firefree 88®, Firefree Class A, and Firefree Wildfire System ranges to discover more about their applications as fire resistant paints with technical specifications and certifications. Get a quote today!

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How We Work?

We provide fire protection coating in 4 steps as follows:



Make An


Advantages of Our Fire Retardant Paints and Coatings

Benefits on Multiple Substrates

Great for San Jose structures, our fire resistant paints are effective on many materials used in building and transport. These materials include wood, lathe and plaster, gypsum board (also known as sheetrock or plasterboard), concrete, thin gauge metal, galvanized steel, aluminum, spray polyurethane foam (SPF), and various composites.

Benefits of Our Coatings

Firefree Coatings' products stand out by offering superior fire protection, successfully meeting stringent international benchmarks such as ASTM E 119 (1 and 2 hours) and FM 4975. Safeguarding structures throughout San Jose effectively, these fire retardant coatings provide excellent fire resistance.

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Quality Products

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Customer Support

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Frequently Asked Questions

Our fire retardant coatings available in San Jose have gone through lots of tests to meet many international standards. These include ASTM E 119 (1 and 2 hours), ASTM E 662-97, FM 4975, ASTM E 162-98, ASTM E 3675-98, ASTM E 1354-94, ASTM E 84, ASTM E 814, ASTM E 84 Extended 30 minutes, ASTM D2898-10, ASTM E2768-11, UBC 8-2 (Room Corner Test standards), UBC 26-3 (Part 1 of FM Class 4880), NFPA 286, BS 476 in England, AS/NZS 1530.4 in Australia, AS 1530.3, EN13501 in Poland, and SISIR door test standards in Singapore.
FF88®, a highly effective fireproof coating for San Jose buildings, can be applied smoothly using different methods like an airless sprayer, roller, or brush. Each method requires following certain guidelines to guarantee the best application and performance.

Airless Sprayer Application: For applying FF88® with an airless sprayer, operating at a pressure range of 780 to 3300 psi is crucial. A spray tip ranging from .015 to .023 is ideal, with a heavy-duty fan width of 4 inches to 12 inches (10.16 cm to 30.48 cm) recommended. To achieve optimal results, it is essential to maintain the fire resistant paint consistency and use a dedicated spray line. This method ensures a uniform and smooth coating, suitable for large-scale applications.

Roller Application: When using a roller, opt for a 1-1/4” (20-25mm) nap synthetic cover to achieve a heavy, even layer. Other rollers can be utilized depending on the texture and finish you desire. This method is particularly effective for covering large, flat surfaces at San Jose properties with fire retardant coatings and provides a consistent finish with ease.

Brush Application: For areas requiring more precise application, it is advisable to use a nylon or fully loaded brush. You can also use a laying-on technique to minimize brush marks, which is especially important for visible surfaces or detailed work.
Make sure to store FfA correctly so it stays effective. Keep it between 50°F and 85°F (10°C to 29°C) since it's sensitive to freezing temperatures. Always keep the noncombustible paint in its original, unopened containers and follow these storage guidelines to avoid compromising its quality. Proper storage is crucial for maintaining the paint's effectiveness.
These are the guidelines one should follow:
  • • Use safety goggles to keep paint particles out of your eyes.
  • • Protect your skin and clothing by wearing gloves, particularly if you'll be exposed for an extended period.
  • • Respiratory protection is recommended though not required. Ensure proper ventilation or wear a half mask to prevent inhaling paint particles and dust.
  • • Wash your hands and any exposed skin thoroughly after handling the paint.
  • • Seal the paint container securely after each use and store it away from children's reach.
Firefree Coatings guarantees the quality of its fire resistant coatings with a 10-year limited warranty. This warranty guarantees that the fire retardant coatings applied to your San Jose property will not crack, peel, or chip for 10 years if you follow our application and maintenance guidelines. If defects occur under these conditions, Firefree Coatings will provide the necessary materials to repaint the affected area at no extra cost.

The warranty does not cover labor costs or any incidental or consequential damages. Claimants must notify us in writing within 10 days of finding a defect, include proof of purchase, evidence of following application instructions, and documentation of the defect. The warranty is void if the product is mishandled, modified, mixed with other products, or used more than two years after purchase. Not following proper storage, application, or inspections practices specified by Firefree will also invalidate the warranty.

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