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High-Performance Fire Resistant and Flame Retardant Paint

Fireproofing Paint for Health-Care Facilities

Fire protection is crucial when designing a new health-care facility or reinforcing current buildings. When you need fire protection advancements to help your facility stay up to code and comply with national and local standards, choose intumescent coatings from Firefree. We offer fireproofing paint for health-care facilities to keep patients and workers safe and secure. Our experts have worked with a wide range of industries and businesses, including health-care centers and campuses.

Health-care facilities can experience increased fire risks due to electrical equipment malfunctions, heating systems, appliances, and in-facility kitchens. Areas of your building that utilize heavy electronic equipment and appliances can risk spreading fires to the rest of your building. This is where intumescent paints come in. You can use fireproofing paint as a hospital fire prevention method. Intumescent paints work through chemical reactions that trigger when flames get too close. The heat exposure causes the coating to char and expand, protecting the structural materials below. This prevents fires from spreading or causing your building to lose structural integrity. Fire-resistant coatings like these allow your facility to evacuate patients and contact emergency services. By preventing the spread of flames, intumescent coatings allow more time for emergency services to arrive and put out the contained flames. Our coatings can even help provide exterior protection against flames for facilities that are located in wildfire-prone areas. Browse our full range of fire-resistant coating applications and products on our website.

If you are not sure whether FireFree’s wide selection of intumescent paints apply to your projects, browse our website to learn more about our previous applications and success stories. FireFree has worked with dozens of health-care facilities across the country. For any additional questions or to get started on an order, contact our team at Firefree today. We are happy to help match you with the ideal fireproofing paint for your health-care facility.