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The Firefree Exterior System is the first and only intumescent coating system that meets the ASTM fire and weatherization standards for wildfire protection in the Wildland Urban Interface.

  • Tested to all ASTM WUI test standards
  • Fire ignition resistant, ICC listed
  • Weather resistant, ICC listed
  • Easy to use and cost effective
  • Environmentally friendly
  • High quality exterior finish
  • Does not need to be reapplied yearly


The Firefree Wildfire System is the first and only intumescent exterior coating system that meets the ASTM fire and weatherization standards required for use in the Wildland Urban Interface (“WUI”), as prescribed in the California Building Standards Code Section 704A (materials and construction methods for Exterior Wildfire Exposure) and the International Code Council (ICC).

The Firefree System is a two-product system. The first product is Firefree Class A ("FfA") which will provide the fire ignition resistant properties. The second product is Firefree Exterior Topcoat ("FfE"). FfE does not have any fire retardant properties on it's own, it is only used to protect FfA from long term weather exposure.

The Firefree System can be used to harden building structures and can be applied to wall sidings, eaves, soffits, building projections and overhangs, to assist in the hardening and fire protection of buildings against wildfires and bushfires. In addition to its fire ignition resistant properties, the system can also assist with protection from radiant heat exposure and wind-blown embers.

The Firefree Wildfire System recently received listing reports ESL-1205 and ESL-1206 from ICC Evaluation Service (ICC-ES), for both ASTM E2768-11 for ignition resistance (ASTM E84 30 Minutes Extended) and ASTM D2898-10 for weatherization, confirming that the our premier fire retardant system complies with the 2018 International Wildland Urban Interface Code prescribed under Section 503 Ignition Resistant Materials.

The Firefree Wildfire System has also been tested to comply with California Building Code (CBC), SFM 12-7A-3 conditions in accordance with ASTM E 2957 for fire resistance to wildfire flame penetration of eaves, soffits and ignition-resistant materials to other assembly projections including (deck structures, cantilevers…).

Fire ignition resistant

The Firefree Wildfire System meets the fire standard the ASTM E2768 30 minutes for ignition resistance and ASTM E84 30 Minute Extended, for application in WUI listed fire zones. This standard, which is used for fire retardant treated lumber (“FRT”), involves measuring a product’s ability to slow down horizontal flame spread and smoke development.

Weather resistant

The Firefree Wildfire System meets the ASTM D2898 method B for weatherization, which requires lengthy, severe testing to both water and UV exposures. As a result, it is well suited for exterior applications.

Easy to use and cost effective

Our products are simple to use and are non-toxic, high quality paints with excellent adhesion and durability. They are easy to apply by roller, sprayer and brush, and, in most cases, self-priming, thus providing a cost effective method to meet the fire and weatherization standards. In many cases the use of the system will assist with availability and rates of insurance.

The Firefree Wildfire System includes two coatings: Firefree Class A (“FfA”) which provides the fire ignition resistance, and the Firefree Exterior topcoat (“FfE”) which is applied over FfA to protect FfA from long term weather exposure. The Exterior System does not need to be reapplied yearly.

Fully tested to WUI Standards

In order to meet the ASTM WUI fire standards, any system need to pass BOTH the fire and weatherization testing to show that the fire resistant properties will survive long term exposure.
The Firefree System has been tested first to severe weatherization exposure, following by severe fire testing showing that the product retained its fire ignition resistance after long term weather exposure. All fire and weatherization tests have been validated by IAS and CalFire Accredited Fire Test Laboratories. The Firefree System is listed by ICC-ES.

High-quality exterior finish

Our products have excellent durability and a smooth architectural-grade finish. The System will provide both an exterior stain-resistant prime and a durable white, satin finish. If a different color or finish is desired, FfE can be top coated with most premium paints to achieve the desired color and finish. For large orders (>200 gallons) FfE can be tinted by Firefree Coatings. Please contact Firefree for such custom tinted orders.

Environmentally friendly

Our products are eco-friendly and safe. They have very low VOCs, significantly lower that current EPA regulations or even California’s stringent limits. Firefree Class A qualifies for Leed v4.

For other products that can also help with improving the fire protection of a structure exposed to wildfires and bushfires, please check out the Vulcan Vents at www.vulcantechnologies.com.

Vulcan Vents are fire and ember safe vents designed to self close when exposed to wildfires.


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For any questions before, during and after, application of the Product, which are not addressed in the Applications Instructions, please read the relevant FAQ, or email , with detailed information and documentation on the questions.


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