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High-Performance Fire Resistant and Flame Retardant Paint

Fire-Retardant Paint for Construction

Whether you work in construction to build commercial buildings for hospitality, government, education, healthcare, or military applications, fire safety is crucial in any building design and construction period. Some industries also require stricter protection, especially those that have more fire risks present. From manufacturing warehouses and plants that work with welding equipment to hospitality businesses that utilize ovens and open flames, there are many commercial buildings with higher fire risks. There is also the need for fire protection in residential buildings such as single-family homes and multilevel apartment complexes and condominiums.

There are often strict guidelines on fire safety and construction for modern buildings through building and fire codes. Using fire-retardant paint during construction can help you meet some of these fire codes and promote a safe and secure structure. Fire-retardant paints, also known as intumescent paints, are most effective when professional builders and painters apply them to the structural materials of a building. This is why they are best utilized during the construction phase, when a structure’s base materials are still exposed. Intumescent paints can also be utilized off-site by applying the paint to building materials at a separate location and then shipping them to the construction site.

Intumescent paints are a key part of fire-prevention construction because they can help contain the spread of flames during a fire and shorten burn times. Intumescent paints activate when flames reach the protected structural material, using a chemical reaction to prevent the fire from spreading to the covered area. This provides protection to the structural building materials and promotes more time for occupants to evacuate and emergency services to arrive on the scene.

To learn more about fire-retardant paint applications in construction or to start an order for your own construction business, browse our website at FireFree Coatings Inc. If you have any questions about using intumescent paints in your construction applications or need assistance starting an order, contact our experts at FireFree Coatings Inc. today.