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Firefree Class A is a fire retardant coating fully tested to meet building codes determined by ASTM E 84.

  • Most economical fire retardant paint
  • Meets all ASTM E-84 requirements
  • High performance
  • Easy to use and apply
  • Eco-friendly
  • Usable on various combustible materials
  • Ahead of competition


Firefree Class A is a premium quality water based, non- toxic, thin film intumescent flame retardant paint fully tested to meet building codes determined by ASTM E-84, with a minimal thickness application of 6 mils dry. It also complies with the ASTM E 84 extended 30 minute duration test.

Most economical fire retardant paint

Firefree Class A is cost efficient: as a result of its' superior fire resistant performance, only a relatively thin layer of FFA will be required. As a result, FFA provides significant material and labor cost reductions (savings of 35% and above) when compared to costs associated with other fire retardant coatings.

Meets all ASTM E-84 requirements

Firefree Class A is fully tested to comply with the most stringent fire tests requirements: FFA has been tested to meet ASTM E 119 (1 & 2 hour). In addition, FFA has also been tested to meet multiple standards worldwide including FM 4975, ASTM E 662-97, ASTM E 3675-98, ASTM E 162-98, ASTM E 1354-94, ASTM E 814, BS 476, AS 1530.3 and AS 1530.4. FfA is listed and and inspected by the International Code Council (ICC-ESR4271).

High performance

Firefree Class A meets all of the ASTM E-84 requirements, including the 30-minute extended, at the recommended application rates. The addition of Firefree Class A to the line of Firefree coatings offers a cost efficient product which can be used when a fire retardant is needed to slow the spread of fire and show no evidence of significant progressive combustion even when the test is extended to a full 30-minute period over a combustible surface. Based on the results obtained from the 30 minute extended test, the wood materials tested showed minimal char damage, showing FFA’s ability to assist in maintaining the structural integrity of the wood materials in a fire.

Easy to use and apply

Firefree Class A is easy to use. FFA is a high quality, non-toxic, water based resistant paint with a smooth architectural grade finish (white, flat), excellent adhesion and durability. It is easy to apply by brush, roller or sprayer. In most cases, FFA will be self-priming, thus resulting in additional cost savings. It is non-toxic, has low odor and may be tinted.


Our products are safe and eco-friendly. They have has low VOCs (<36gr/liter) which is extremely low compared to the current EFP regulations of 250gr/liter (per ASTM 3960). It is even significantly below California’s limit of 50gr/liter. This confirms that they are non-flammable, non-toxic and environmentally friendly.

Usable on various combustible materials

Firefree Class A can be applied to a wide range of combustible materials and assemblies: including oriented strand board (OSB), Douglas fir, plywood, dimensional lumber, wood joists and trusses, wood paneling and sheathing, and associated lumber. Its use is recommended for residential, multifamily, commercial and industrial projects.


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