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High-Performance Fire Resistant and Flame Retardant Paint

Wildfire Prevention and Protection Systems

Wildfires are a common cause of property damage across the country each year. If your business is located in a wildfire-prone area, it may feel like its safety is at the mercy of Mother Nature. Fortunately, there are wildfire prevention and protection systems you can use, such as intumescent paints, to reduce your risk of property damage from wildfires.

Commercial and residential building owners can add an extra layer of wildfire protection by requesting an expert fire-resistant coating application. An expert application is important to ensure your intumescent paint offers its full protection and leaves no gaps in its application.

Intumescent wildfire paints work by covering the exterior of your building and providing passive wildfire protection until a fire event occurs. When the paints face exposure to high enough temperatures, a chemical reaction occurs that causes the coating to expand, providing a char layer that prevents flame spread. These coatings not only minimize the property damage that your building withstands, but they also help increase evacuation time for those inside the building. This allows more time for occupants to escape and for emergency services to arrive on the scene and fight the fire.

Plus, FireFree intumescent coatings have very low VOC levels—even lower than EPA regulations and strict California ratings. These low VOCs help your business stay protected without compromising your environmental impact. And the high-quality fire-resistant paints at FireFree will not hurt your building’s curb appeal. We offer custom topcoats and tints to keep your intumescent coating cohesive with your commercial or residential building’s original color scheme.

If you are looking for ways to promote wildfire prevention and protection in your commercial or residential buildings, learn more about exterior fire coatings at FireFree Coatings Inc. We offer intumescent paints and coatings for both interior and exterior applications. If you have any questions about these products or would like to start an order, contact our experts today.