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High-Performance Fire Resistant and Flame Retardant Paint

Fireproofing Prevention Paint in Schools

If you manage a school or educational campus, you may be looking for ways to protect your faculty and students and keep your property up to date with fire safety codes. Firefree Inc. supplies fire protection paints and coatings to a wide variety of industries and applications, including educational facilities. Our intumescent paints can help provide passive fire protection to help your facilities comply with local and national fire codes. These coatings offer extra protection on top of fire alarms, sprinkler systems, and other active fire protection systems.

Fireproofing prevention is crucial in schools to keep students and faculty safe. Because of their high occupancies, schools are prime locations for intumescent paint applications. School buildings may have increased fire risks in areas such as kitchens and break spaces, chemistry laboratories, and computer labs. When accidental fires break out in these high-risk areas, they can quickly spread and lead to disaster. However, intumescent paints provide passive fire protection and can help contain the spread of flames during an emergency. Increased heat causes these coatings to undergo a chemical reaction, charring and expanding to protect the structural materials underneath. This keeps flame-spread to a minimum, providing students and faculty with more time to evacuate and contact emergency services. Some intumescent paints even support burn times up to an hour for increased response time.

Fireproofing prevention in schools applies to university campuses and student housing. FireFree Inc. has provided fire prevention paints for student housing and dormitories to protect students on campus.

If you are interested in learning more about fire prevention paints for school applications or would like to start an order, contact our experts at Firefree today.

You can also learn more about our successful fire-resistant paint applications for a variety of existing schools. Read more about our school application projects and how our intumescent paints have kept many districts up to code.