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High-Performance Fire Resistant and Flame Retardant Paint

Intumescent Paint for Transportation

Transportation vehicles require fire protection as much as any building or residence. These vehicles, especially mass transportation models, have complex inner workings, so proper fire protection is especially crucial for passenger safety. This is something that manufacturers must constantly consider. From vehicle operators to government bodies, there are many parties concerned with vehicle protection. This is where using intumescent paint for transportation applications can assist.

It is possible for vehicle components to overheat and malfunction, which poses fire risks for personal vehicles and especially mass transit models. The proximity of fuel storage also makes fire risks extremely dangerous. This is why vehicle manufacturers utilize intumescent paints to provide car fire protection. Manufacturers often apply fire-resistant coatings to the undersides and parts of vehicles where fire risk conditions are prevalent.

Using intumescent paints in transportation vehicles helps minimize the spread of flames and keeps fires contained to provide more time for passengers to evacuate the vehicle. Extending evacuation time is extremely important in mass transit models such as buses, subways, trains, and more. Subway tunnels can span long stretches without cover, so additional time for escape is crucial in an emergency situation.

Intumescent paints activate when faced with exposure to heat, producing a chemical reaction that causes the material to expand and char to prevent flames from spreading. This helps keep flames contained and keeps them from extending throughout the vehicle where passengers are located. Each coating provides a unique protection time, allowing extra time for passengers to evacuate and for emergency services to arrive on the scene.

You can learn more about using intumescent paints in the transportation industry and other applications at our website here at FireFree Coatings Inc. If you have any additional questions about fire-retardant paints and their uses, contact our experts at FireFree today. We are happy to provide any additional information, answer questions, or help you get started on your own intumescent paint order today.