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High-Performance Fire Resistant and Flame Retardant Paint

Fireproof Paint for Light Rail Systems

Light rail systems and other transportation methods commonly deal with fire hazards. The transportation industry as a whole faces unique fire protection needs. Fires can occur in the transport’s electric drives, engine compartments, diesel fuel engines, hydraulics, or control cabinets. These components commonly generate heat and energy or deal with fuel, which are inherently fire hazards. Reinforcing these areas with fire protection can be difficult due to the lack of space and the heavy wear and tear the vehicles are subject to. Fortunately, fire resistant paint for light rail systems can provide fire proofing and minimize the spread of flames in an emergency.

If you’re looking for fire resistant paint for light rail systems, look no further than FireFree Inc. Our experts are here to provide high-quality fire-retardant and fire-resistant intumescent coatings for the transportation industry and many more industries. Our intumescent train coatings are ideal for application throughout light rail systems, especially in fire-prone areas such as engine compartments and hydraulic systems. This paint provides a protective barrier between these compartments and the rest of the system. Additionally, fire protection paint can prevent the spread of fire, providing more time for occupants to evacuate the system in an emergency. Browse our projects page to see how you can utilize intumescent coatings in train and light rail applications and to view successful projects our products have aided.

If you have any questions about fire-resistant light rail paints and coatings or which product would be best for your application, feel free to contact our team of experts today. We can get you set up with the ideal intumescent coating for your business and purposes. Our team is happy to provide these fire resistant paints to keep light rails and other transportation systems safe and effective for all clients. Reach out today to get started on an order or to learn more about FireFree Inc.’s fire protection products.