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High-Performance Fire Resistant and Flame Retardant Paint

Fire-Resistant Paint for the Energy Industry

The energy industry is one of the biggest users of fire-resistant paints and coatings. Fire-resistant coatings are required to protect workers and the safety and security of facilities in the energy supply chain. Many of these facilities work with oil, gas, and chemicals that can pose huge fire risks, so fire-resistant paint is crucial to ensure proper fire protection in energy facilities. Energy plants and other structures also face strict fire codes and safety rules involving fire protection.

You can utilize intumescent paints to help your business meet these safety needs. Intumescent paints provide passive fire protection for energy facilities by coating building materials and shielding them from flames during a fire event. Fire-resistant coatings are designed to activate when flames or high heat reaches them. The elevated heat causes the material to expand and form a char around the structural material. This protects the energy facility’s structural materials, providing stability and more time for building occupants to evacuate.

If you’re looking for a way to provide passive fire protection for your energy facility, consider using an interior intumescent paint from FireFree Inc. We provide a wide variety of coatings for many industries and applications, including fire-resistant paint for the energy industry. FireFree Inc. provides both interior and exterior fire protection for energy plants and many other facilities.

If you want to learn more about our previous projects and successes within the energy industry, browse our website for more information. And if you have any questions about which type of coating is best for your industry’s needs, contact the experts at FireFree Inc. today. We can also help you get started on an order once you’ve selected the best coating for your needs.