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High-Performance Fire Resistant and Flame Retardant Paint

Fire-Retardant Insulation

While some insulation materials are noncombustible, such as fiberglass or mineral wool, these insulation types often leave something to be desired when it comes to R-values. These noncombustible materials do not provide quality heat resistance like insulating foams and boards do. Many business owners and home designers plan their buildings with energy efficiency in mind, which can mean using these more resistant materials. However, this also leaves your building with additional flammable materials, boosting fire risks. Fortunately, there are protective barriers such as fire-resistant coatings that can protect and strengthen your building’s insulating materials. FireFree Coatings Inc. offers fire-retardant insulation to protect your commercial or residential building from flame that could spread to your insulating materials.

Fire-retardant insulation is especially important for insulating buildings that have higher fire risks, such as industrial kitchens, welding warehouses, and more. However, even residential buildings and homes can benefit from the passive protection of fire-resistant insulation. Installing this type of insulation can help prevent the spread of flames during a fire emergency in any type of building. This provides more time for the building’s occupants to evacuate the premises and for emergency services to arrive at the scene. These formulas work by providing a protective barrier that expands and chars when faced with extremely hot temperatures. This barrier helps contain the blaze, preventing it from spreading to normally highly flammable insulating materials and the structural materials beneath them.

Interested in fire-resistant insulating materials for your own home or business? If you have any additional questions about the applications or details of fire-retardant insulations, browse our website here at FireFree Coatings Inc. or contact our experts today. We can provide additional information on any of the products you browse or get an order started for you. Protect your home or business with fire-resistant insulation to promote safety and passive fire protection when you need it most.