Fire Resistant Testing

Firefree coatings have passed the fire industry's most comprehensive and stringent tests for fire resistance. Another key factor in flame spread is fire penetration of the walls or ceilings. As the initial materials burn, the fire will penetrate walls and ceilings, leading to their rapid deterioration and a resulting spread of the flames to adjoining rooms. Additionally, the penetration of the fire in the walls and ceilings will lead to their contributing to the fire itself, by becoming fuel to the initial flames. Firefree coatings are the first coatings to have passed the most stringent fire resistance test, the ASTM E119 fire penetration test, on a wide variety of materials.

ASTM E-119 CAN & ULC-S101, AS1530.4

This test is the standard time/temperature curve based on post flashover conditions. The test measures the ability of wall and partition systems, floor ceiling and roof ceiling systems to stop flame or hot gases penetrating thru the assembly. Assemblies are tested under time (1 hour or more) and temperature (1800° Fahrenheit or more) conditions. Assemblies are tested under loaded and non-loaded conditions.

The test is conducted as follows: The wall or ceiling assembly is placed either vertically or horizontally on one side of an oven. Thermocouples (temperature recorders) are placed on the exterior side of the assembly to record temperatures passing thru the wall and ceiling assemblies. On the opposite side, 24 gas flames that can reach over 2000° Fahrenheit blast away at the assembly for up to two hours or more. These flames are thrown at the wall trying to incinerate the entire wall. In almost all cases, an unprotected wall will collapse. What makes FF88 so impressive is that our coating reflects the heat away from the wall keeping the temperature of the wall in a safe range. The wall or ceiling is kept structurally intact.

One Hour Wall Assemblies


1/2" sheetrock 2x4 wood studs @ 16" o.c
Fire Test Report # WFC 00089 T1 & T2
5/8" sheetrock 2x4 wood studs @ 16"o.c. (Gypsum lawsuit)
Fire Test Report # WFC 99064

Lath & Plaster

1" plaster attached to metal wall studs @ 16" o.c.
WFC Fire Engineering Report
1/2" wood lath & plaster 2x4 wood studs @ 16" o.c.
Fire Test Report # WFC 01084


5/8" fire treated plywood each side of 6" metal studs
WFC Fire Engineering Report
3/4" T & G wood veneer over 5/8 gypsum, over wall studs
WFC Fire Engineering Report
1/2" Exterior plywood shear wall over 2x6 studs @ 16" o.c.
WFC Fire Engineering Report
7/16" timberline hardboard siding on stud wall
Fire Test Report # WFC 01003
1/2" Oriented Strand Board (OSB) over 3x6 wood studs @ 16"o.c.
WFC Fire Engineering

AS 1530-4-1997, 60/60/60 Rating Wall System

13-mm non rated plasterboard lined steel-stud framed
Fire Test Report # CSIRO FSV0653, FCO 1698
Pressed metal ceiling
Assessment #FCO 2278

AS 1530-4-1997, 30/30/30 Rating

20mm T&G pine weatherboard both sides, 90mm x 45mm, 2x4 studs
Fire Test Report #CSIRO FSV-0989

Two Hour Wall Assemblies


1 layer 5/8" sheetrock non-load bearing on 2x4 wood studs @ 16" o.c.
WFC Fire Engineering Report
2 layers 5/8" sheetrock loaded stud wall with 9 built-in defects
Fire Test Report # SIP 35.04.439 UC Forest Labs
10 gauge metal plate
Fire Test Report # WFC 99053

One Hour Ceiling Assemblies


10 gauge metal plate
Fire Test Report # WFC 99053
5/8" type-X sheetrock, single layer on 2x10 joists @ 16"o.c. with defective nailing, with 5/8" T &G plywood sub-floor
Fire Test Report # WFC 99053 3T1
5/8" single layer 5/8" type-X sheetrock on 2x10 joists @ 24" o.c. with defective nailing with 5/8" T &G plywood sub-floor
Fire Test Report # WFC 99053 2T3
Single layer 5/8" type-X sheetrock over RC channel @ 24" o.c. with 2x8 joists @ 16" o.c. with 3/4" T&G plywood sub-floor
Fire Test Report # WFC 99067 T4
Single layer 5/8" type-X sheetrock over RC channel @ 24" o.c. with 9 1/2"-250 series TJI @ 19.2" o.c.
Fire Test Report # WHI-495-PSH-0245
Single layer 5/8" type-X sheetrock on BCI 450 series. I joists @ 16" o.c. with defective nailing
Fire Test Report # WFC 00019 T3


Exposed 2x6 T &G pine with 3" polyisocyanurate foam, 2x4 sleepers & 1/2" CDX Plywood sheathing
Fire Test Report # WFC 99079 T2
Exposed full dimensional 2x10 joists @ 16"o.c. with exposed 1 3/4" wood sub-floor
WFC Fire Engineering Report
2x14 joists @ 16" oc with 2 layers, 3/4" plywood sub-floor with 3 1/2 mineral insulation between joists with suspended sheetrock ceiling
WFC Fire Engineering Report
2x4 web trusses @ 24" oc. With 3/4" plywood roof sheathing with 3 1/2" polyisocyanurate foam and roof membrane
WFC Fire Engineering Report
Assorted glue lam beams, 2 1/4" mini lams, 2x10 joists & 5/8" OSB floor sheathing
Structural calculations Avignon Apartments
Roof system, glue lams
Structural calculations Abundant Life Church


7/8" plaster over metal lath fastened to trusses @ 24"o.c. with R-30 insulation
WFC Fire Engineering Report Woodland Church

Embossed Tin

Embossed tin ceiling attached to 1"x2" wood @ 4x10 joists 13" oc with 1 1/2" wood flooring
Fire Test Report # WFC 00050 T1

Two Hour Ceiling Assemblies


Defective U.L assembly BXUV-G524 where 1/2" type-C was required & 1/2" non-rated was installed
WFC Fire Engineering Report
Single layer 5/8" type-X sheetrock with nominal 2x10 joists @ 16"o.c. with 3/4" plywood sub-floor & 3/4" gyp-crete
WFC Fire Engineering Report


Exposed 3x10 joists @ 16"o.c. with 4 3/4" wood layered sub-floor
Fire Test Report # WFC 00124 T1

Embossed Tin

Embossed Tin over 3/8" rock board attached to nominal 3x10 joists @ 16"o.c. with 1/4" wood sub-floor with suspended T-Bar ceiling
WFC Fire Engineering Report and Structural calculations Westwood Church


2 3/4" concrete slab-floor
Fire Test Report # WFC 01011

UBC 7-2 Doors

The test used is the UBC-7-2, which is the standard for rating door assemblies for periods of time (20, 45, 60 90 minutes and more). The ASTM E-119 time temperature curve is used in the test criteria as it relates to the length of the test.

ASTM E-119 – 45 minutes

1 3/8" non-rated solid core door
Fire Test Report # WHI-495-1569

ASTM E-119 – 30 minutes

5/16" mahogany plywood panel (5) in solid wood (1 3/4") rails
Fire Test Report # SISIR 96003

Foam/Foam Composite Panels

UBC 26-2, Thermal Barrier Test. This test is performed in a horizontal oven using the first 15 minutes of the ASTM E-119 time temperature curve. The test duration is 15 minutes and used on foam and foam composite panels. The test is designed to test a product’s ability to slow the temperature rise of foam during fire situations. The test procedure is the same as used in testing a floor-ceiling or roof-ceiling assembly on the horizontal oven.

ASTM E-119 – 15 Minute Thermal Barrier

24 gauge steel exterior skin polyurethane foam interior
Fire Test Report # WFC 99063
7/16" Oriented Strand Board (OSB) exterior skin, polystyrene foam interior
Fire Test Report # WFC 99070
1/4" Gypsum board skin, polyurethane foam 1/16" fiberglass skin
Fire Test Report # WFC 01084 T3

15 Minute Room Corner

5 1/2" low density open-cell foam
Fire Test Report # RAD 3321