The performance of Firefree coatings have been fully tested and validated. Each of the Firefree coatings have different markets and applications and such applications have passed the most stringent tests. As a group, Firefree coatings have been tested, and have passed, on numerous wall and ceiling assemblies to ASTM E-119, equivalent to UL263/NFPA 251, for 1 and 2 hours, and on Room Corner Testing standard UBC 26-3, equivalent to FM 4880/UL 1715, and UBC 8-2. Further tests include ASTM E-84 extended (NFPA 255, UL 723), ASTM E-1623 (I-Cal); UBC Standard 26-2 Thermal Barrier (see Tested Assemblies for a complete list), as well as monitored house burns. In addition to construction assemblies, Firefree coatings have been tested on aviation (FAA Listing on Carbon Fibre), maritime and transportation assemblies. Firefree coatings have been approved by Factory Mutual, a division of FM Global, classified by Underwriters Laboratories (U/L) and tested at third party accredited International Accreditation Service (IAS) fire testing laboratories.

Depending on the specific Firefree coating to be used, the tests were performed on a variety of substrates including sheetrock, wood, lath & plaster, concrete, sheet metal, tin, foam, composite panels and advanced materials such as fiberglass and carbon fiber. Extensive third party testing has been conducted at accredited IAS fire testing laboratories including Western Fire Center, Omega, Southwest, U.L., Intertek Testing Services (Omega Point Laboratories), Warnock Hersey and the University of California Forest products Lab. In addition, Firefree Coatings Inc. has selected BRANZ Laboratories, an internationally recognized weatherization and fire testing laboratory, to perform weatherization and fire testing to meet the new Urban Wildland Interface fire testing criteria for the US, Australia, New Zealand and other countries worldwide.

Firefree coatings have been shown to withstand temperatures of up to 2000° Fahrenheit for up to two hours. By comparison, an average fire will burn at about 1000° Fahrenheit to 1500° Fahrenheit (it is estimated that the World Trade Center burned at around 1700° Fahrenheit for about 45 minutes).

Firefree coatings also represent a next generation step in fire fighting by creating a new level of compartmentation. From the numerous room and house burns performed by Firefree Coatings, Inc. over the last several years, the company has shown that, depending on the dry mil thickness applied to entire walls and ceilings of rooms, it can resist a fire up to 2000° Fahrenheit up to two hours and thus contain fire to the room of origin. The Firefree coatings' fire resistance abilities help to prevent fire penetrations at walls and ceilings and help to reduce the chances of room flashover.