Water-based, nontoxic paint which acts as a true fire barrier by containing fires up to 2000° Fahrenheit to the room of origin. Firefree88 provides fire ratings on a variety of construction substrates.

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Firefree Class A

Firefree Class A meets the flame spread requirement of building codes with a minimal application of 6 mils dry as determined by the ASTM E-84 standard. It also complies with the extended 30 minute duration test.

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The Firefree Coatings line of fire retardant and fire resistant coatings are...

  • Water-based, intumescent coatings that can withstand extreme temperatures (up to 2000° Fahrenheit) for an extended time. Intumescence is heat caused expansion of the coatings away from the surface to which they were applied thus creating a new "wall", or fire barrier.

  • A very cost effective method to provide fireproofing compared to traditional methods, which often require massive amounts of material and labor as well as extensive disruption to occupants.

Why are Firefree Coatings so unique?

Firefree Coatings are unique because of their unmatched level of performance either as fire retardants or as fire resistants and, in some cases, both.

Fire Retardants

A fire retardant has the ability to slow down the spread of fire over a surface. The tests measuring this ability range from (i) the ASTM E-84 (Class A rating) which measures a product's ability to slow down horizontal flame spread and smoke development ( Firefree Class A), to (ii) the more stringent room corner test (UBC 26-3) which measures the ability to also prevent vertical fire spread and delay flashover (Firefree88).

Fire Resistants

A fire resistant has the ability to resist fire penetration through commonly used wall and ceiling assemblies. This ability is measured by time ratings, often required by building codes. The test criteria is the ASTM E-119 standard time/temperature curve and the ratings on assemblies are granted based on both the duration of the test (1 hour, 2 hours…) with temperatures up to 2300° Fahrenheit (Firefree88).

Fully Tested and Proven

Firefree Coatings are the first and only coatings to pass the fire industry's most stringent tests for either fire retardancy and/or fire resistance.

As a fire retardant, Firefree Class A meets all of the ASTM E-84 Class A ratings, including the 30-minute extended, at the recommended application rates.

As a fire retardant, Fierfree88 was the first coating to pass the industry's most severe tests (UBC 26-3 / UBC 8-2 room corner tests) for a wide variety of materials, showing the ability to prevent vertical flame spread/flashover.

As a fire resistant, Firefree88 has also passed the industry's most stringent test (ASTM E-119) showing the ability to prevent fire penetration for up to two hours on a wide variety of materials. FF88 has been tested at accredited third party IAS fire testing laboratories, UL Classified per UL 723/ASTM E-84 on OSB and Douglas Fir and approved by Factory Mutual (FM Global).