Foam products are everywhere and tragedies in Rhode Island and Chicago nightclubs have reminded officials and the general public of the deadly damage fire can bring to foam and/or composite panels. Foam products have two deadly components: fast fire spread and rapid generation of highly toxic smoke. Firefree88, an intumescent coating, is on the forefront of the solution by addressing both dangers. Firefire 88 can prevent the fire from igniting the foam thus preventing foam contribution to the fire while limiting the generation of toxic gases. Firefree88 can (i) bring fire ratings to already installed foam/panels; (ii) bring fire ratings to new foam/panels. Firefree88 is inexpensive and easy to apply with great adhesion. Firefree88 is fully tested and proven and has passed the Fire Industry's most stringent tests for foam including the thermal barrier, UBC 26-3 room corner test, and radiant panel tests.
With the movement to renovate and/or preserve historical properties, there are invariably upgrades required by local building codes. Obviously, some of the most critical upgrades involve fireproofing. Firefree88 is in the perfect position to assist in this area. By using Firefree88, we save the builders time, material costs and added material weight and, at the same time, the historical integrity of the structure is preserved. As a result, Firefree88 will enhance fire safety while preserving the special nature of these buildings without the demolition/reconstruction required by alternative methods.
As technology moves forward at a frenetic pace, the emphasis is on stronger and lighter materials. Synthetic materials are at the forefront and are now being used in light rail, marine, new construction, aviation and many other industries. These new wave materials shine in their strength and how lightweight they are, but a key issue remains that the products are very combustible and cannot alone meet required fire ratings. Firefree88 has the unique, proven ability to enable such materials to meet the required code levels, without adding significant weight to the materials or altering their other properties.
There is a growing trend towards modular housing using lightweight combustible materials. The modules are prefabricated in factories and must be transported over great distances to their final destination thus weight is a significant factor in the cost. Manufacturers can use Firefree88 to attain the required fire rating on these new materials and reduce the weight of the panels.