As cities face more and more problems with fire safety, tougher fire codes requiring substantially more difficult testing standards are being instituted and, to date, no other product can pass these standards.
Even in new buildings, compliance with fire codes can be a major issue. Homeowner boards and property owners are litigating defective construction that does not comply with fire codes. Repairing defects such as incorrect nailing, wrong sheetrock and single layer ceilings require massive demolition/reconstruction and relocation of occupants resulting in prohibitive costs and delays. Most of these defects can now be corrected with Firefree88 in a short amount of time and at a fraction of the price of reconstruction.
The new trend in designing large projects is using a team effort called "design build". The team consists of the architect, engineer and contractors from the start. When Firefree88 is considered in the initial planning stage, it can result in a more flexible and creative design, lowering of building costs as well as a reduction in the time necessary to complete a project. The use of Firefree88 allows better fireproofing as well as a reduction in structural weight through the use of wider joist spans.
With the movement to bring more residential and commercial space back into the downtown areas and with the rebuilding of decommissioned military bases, a tremendous number of buildings are being converted from one use to another. These conversions will invariably involve upgrades required by local building codes. Obviously, some of the most critical of these upgrades involve fire safety. Firefree88, an intumescent coating, is in the perfect position to assist in this area. By using Firefree88, we save the builders time, material costs and added material weight because we merely add coats of Firefree88 in lieu of changing the type of construction or demolishing/rebuilding to add sheetrock or sprinklers.