The use of a Firefree coating is:

EASIER - it simply requires the application of a coat of paint, instead of the extensive labor and material required in construction as regards to fire assemblies

CHEAPER - 30 to 70% savings in labor and material

FASTER - applying a coat of paint can be done in a few days as opposed to the weeks/months involved in demolishing and/or rebuilding walls or ceilings.

Because of their unique level of performance and testing, Firefree coatings are the first coatings to provide fire ratings. These fire ratings, until the development of Firefree coatings, could only be achieved through material and labor intensive methods involving construction products such as sheetrock, sheet metal and plywood. By contrast, Firefree coatings are easy to apply and provide cheaper and faster solutions to fire ratings required by Code.

Most of Firefree's markets are driven by Code requirements. The Code (UBC and ICC) provisions dealing with fire protection issues in the overall construction industry provide clear, detailed, stringent, standards (ASTM E119, UBC 26-3 room corner test). By being the first coating to pass the tests required to meet such standards, Firefree has opened vast markets in the construction industry, including: retrofit, litigation, historic, foam, new construction, and exterior. In such markets, the use of a Firefree coating is a more efficient, cheaper, faster way to meet Code requirements than the existing alternatives (sheetrock, metal plates, cementitious, chemical treatments, special engineering, etc).

Our level of testing allows Firefree to be used in applications where coatings, up until now, have never been used. As a result, Firefree coatings are the first to provide fire ratings as an alternative to traditional construction methods (sheetrock, metal plates, plywood, cementitious…).