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Firefree products have been used to provide fire protection, meet building codes and manage costs in a variety of commercial and residential applications. We have customers and projects all over the world, from the Americas (Canada, US, Mexico, Costa Rica, Venezual...) to Asia (Australia, India, Malaysia, Indonedia, Philippines...) to Europe,(England, France, Poland, Ukraine...) to Africa (Nigeria...) and the Middle East (Saudi Arabia, Oman..)

A broad spectrum of customers have used a Firefree product to achieve enhanced fire protection. Our products have been used in schools, hospitals, museums and historical buildings in addition to more commonplace commercial and residential buildings. Our customers recognize that the ease of application and cost savings achieved by using a Firefree fire retardant/fire resistant coating makes the use of our intumescent coatings the best solution to fire related construction issues.

Over the last years, Firefree has completed projects in the construction, aviation and marine industries. The healthcare industry has used Firefree products in hospitals, nursing homes and assisted living communities. We have applied coating on the Pentagon, embassies around the world and in nuclear plants for the Department of Energy.

From single family homes to the Pentagon, from historical properties to Lear Jets, Firefree coatings are a key fire safety product.